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AET Global’s Su Piow Ko Appointed CEO for Indian Operations

AET Displays, a renowned leader in fine pitch LED displays, has appointed Mr. Su Piow Ko, Vice President of AET Global, as the CEO for India. With over three decades of experience in LED technology, Mr. Ko brings extensive expertise to his new role.

Under Mr. Ko’s leadership, AET aims to advance technological innovation, expand its market presence, optimize after-sales support services, and forge strategic partnerships to drive sustainable growth in India. Since entering the Indian market on October 26, 2023, AET has rapidly established its presence, offering over 50 products and completing more than 2000 installations nationwide. The company operates one assembly plant, three offices, three customer experience centers, and five service centers throughout India, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support for its customers.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new role, Mr. Su Piow Ko stated, “I am honored to take on the responsibility of CEO, India, at AET. India presents immense opportunities for growth and innovation in the LED display industry, and I am excited to guide AET in achieving excellence and surpassing customer expectations in this dynamic market. My vision extends beyond establishing AET as a leader in the LED sector in India; I am also dedicated to bolstering the nation’s economy through our commitment to local manufacturing.”

Mr. Ko’s journey in the LED technology sector spans over 30 years, highlighted by his outstanding leadership skills and technical proficiency. His 7-year tenure at Siemens as a Senior Production Operation Manager provided invaluable experience in managing large-scale manufacturing operations and optimizing efficiency.

Mr. Prashant Srivastava, Head of International Marketing, praised Mr. Ko’s appointment, affirming, “Mr. Su Piow Ko’s demonstrated leadership and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics make him a valuable asset to AET’s strategy in India. His forward-thinking approach will enable us to promptly adapt to market fluctuations and capitalize on emerging trends, ensuring enduring success in India’s competitive LED arena. With his years of knowledge and experience, I am confident that AET India will benefit from his ability to cultivate a collaborative and respectful culture, fostering innovation and productivity among the team.”

About AET Displays

AET Displays Limited, established in 2015 and a member of the Guangda Group since 2019, is a leading manufacturer specializing in the design, production, and marketing of LED displays, with a particular focus on fine pitch displays. AET is committed to precision engineering and purposeful innovation, believing in the transformative power of visual communication to connect people and spaces. With a talented team dedicated to excellence in machinery, electrical engineering, and system design, AET creates displays that set new standards in the industry. From Standard Fine Pitch to MiniLED and MicroLED Ultra Fine Pitch LED Display technology, AET’s displays offer unparalleled clarity, vibrancy, and versatility, captivating audiences worldwide. Renowned for relentless innovation and a dedication to surpassing expectations, AET Displays Limited is the preferred partner for businesses seeking unparalleled visual excellence in LED display solutions.

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