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Living Wage: Minimum wage is going to end, know what is living wage which will replace it

Minimum Wage: The Minimum Wage law brought to improve the condition of workers in the country has helped in raising the level of minimum wage received by the people to a great extent. However, many companies and industrial establishments have found different ways to avoid this rule. Therefore, now a need is being felt to further improve this law so that its rules and regulations become clearer and stronger than before and can help the employees. For this, the government is soon going to replace the Minimum Wage with the Living Wage system. Let us understand more about this.

Living Wage System May Come In 2025

Recently, the International Labor Organization (ILO) also advocated the living wage system. ILO had given instructions to take necessary steps in this regard. ILO wants this system to be further clarified through the Living Wage. Now the Economic Times, quoting a senior Indian official, has said in its report that India is going to start the process of converting the Minimum Wage System into a Living Wage System in 2025. There are about 50 crore laborers in India. Of these, 90 percent work in the unorganized sector. Most of them do not get minimum wages.

Know What Is Minimum Wage System

Minimum wage system is currently implemented in India. Under this, hourly salary is calculated. This amount has been fixed differently in different states of India per hour. No employee can be paid less than this. In Maharashtra this amount is Rs 62.87 and in Bihar it is Rs 49.37 per hour. In America this amount is $7.25 (Rs 605.26). In India, people working in the unorganized sector find it difficult to get even minimum wages. Even the government is not able to take much action in these sectors.

What Will Change With The Living Wage System?

If the Living Wage System is understood in general terms, then it goes one step beyond food, clothing and shelter. In Living Wage, attention is also paid to many important things necessary for the social upliftment of the worker. In this system, care is taken that the worker and his family also get means of social security. The living wage system goes beyond the basic needs of labor to include other needs such as housing, food, health care, education and clothing.


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