Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Immediate Action Required: Government Warns Against Risky Loan App

Government Issues Warning for Android Users: In today’s time, almost everyone uses smartphones. There are many such apps in our mobile phones with the help of which we do many of our important tasks. For example, we can take banking apps. But do you know that mobile apps can also put you in danger. Actually, the government’s cyber crime department CyberDost has issued a warning to users regarding a loan app which is a loan app.

Asked to be careful by posting on X


Cyber ​​Dost has released a post on the social media platform X. In which users have been asked to be careful about an app. The name of this app is CashExpand-U Finance. Regarding this app, Cyber ​​Dost wrote in his post that users need to be careful about this app because this app has connections with dangerous foreign companies.

Uninstall the app immediately

This app named CashExpand-U Finance had been downloaded more than 1 lakh times, which has now been removed from Google Play Store. However, Cyber ​​Dost has not given any information about how this app poses a threat to the users. In the post, Cyber ​​Dost has also tagged RBI, Google Play and Ministry of Finance. If you are an Android user and use this app, then uninstall this app immediately. You can uninstall this app directly by going to the settings of the smartphone.


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