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Flower Pots From Waste Clothes: Turning Old Fabrics into Home Decor Masterpieces

When clothes become old, they are either thrown away or they are used as mops to clean the house. But now you can give a new look to your home and garden with the same clothes. You may be surprised to hear this, but Tanzil Rahman Khan of Gaya has made this true through his artistry. Tanzil is making different types of flower pots from waste clothes.

Attractive flower pot made from waste clothes: Tanzil Rahman Khan alias Tanzil Khan, a resident of Niskha village, has not bought pots for the last many years. He has prepared hundreds of such pots, which are made from waste clothes. The pots are so attractive that even the onlookers are astonished. No one would think after seeing it that this is a flower pot made of waste clothes.

‘He was throwing clothes, suddenly the thought came’: Tanzil Khan tells that ‘He was throwing clothes. Meanwhile, suddenly he thought why not use it. After this he got the idea of making a flower pot from waste clothes. Then he started making pots from waste clothes. Told that beautiful and best flower pots are being made from waste clothes like shirts, pants, bedsheets, towels or anything that is not in use, i.e. has been wasted.

What is the method of making a flower pot?: The method of making a flower pot from waste clothes is also different. Tanzil says that first of all he takes the waste clothes. After that it is stored everywhere in a bucket or some mould. After this, a frame is prepared using light cement. When the layer is strong enough to stand, cement sand is applied with a brush. After it dries, painting is done.

Gives a unique look to the pot by painting: Tanzil Rahman Khan told that he is also very fond of painting. He does attractive painting of cloth pots. After this the pot is ready, which has different sizes and shapes. Even the person in front is surprised to see these pots. Told that this pot does not break because it is made of cloth, but is quite strong.

“It does not cost much to make a pot. Old clothes can be found at home, but cement and some sand are required. Flowers and leaves remain safe in this type of pot. Pots are made from waste clothes, which It does not break and also looks beautiful. Hundreds of such pots have been made by me.”- Tanzil Rahman Khan, Pot Artisan

Tanzil Rahman Khan is a nature lover: Tanzil Khan says that he is a nature lover. After learning how to make pots from him, the villagers are also making pots from the waste clothes kept at home. He is also serious about environmental protection and water conservation. He has shown active participation in many works for water conservation. At the same time, they also work to protect animals and birds. In this way he is recognized as a nature lover in the area.


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