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Break the Habit of Using Mobile Devices and Watching TV Before Bed for Better Sleep

According to ‘Journal of Sleep Research’, if a person watches TV or phone, mobile screen, laptop, iPad for a long time before sleeping. So this addiction can prove to be very dangerous for you. Due to this, the quality of sleep can also deteriorate.

According to this study, self-examination should be done. Every person has a timing for sleeping. In such a situation, the most important thing is how much time he will give to the digital platform before sleeping. Note its complete details.

Those who spend too much time on screens have poor sleep.

According to research, today’s youth spend more time on digital screens before sleeping. Due to which the quality of their sleep deteriorates. Heart rate gets worse. At the same time, people who do not spend much time on the phone, their sleep quality is better.

You can also use this on yourself. You sleep without using TV and mobile for a week. In the second week, you stop sitting in front of these digital screens. You will see the difference between the two yourself. It is more beneficial if you read a book without using phone or TV. T

Keep control on yourself like this

You yourself will see the difference between both types of sleep. According to researchers, a special kind of rays come out from digital screens. Which has a serious effect on the brain. Due to this the mind also does not remain calm. It is so dangerous that it directly affects the eyes. This is the reason why the sleep of people who spend more time on digital screens is also greatly affected. Due to this the nerves of the brain also get disturbed.

Disclaimer: Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.


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