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BabyChakra: How Naiyya Saggi Transformed Maternal Care in India

Everyone wants to be successful in business, but successful businesses that benefit others along with their own benefit are rare.

Well-known business entrepreneur Naiyya Saggi created such a business model where she not only built her business but also thought about the problems of women across the country and found solutions to them.

Let’s know how she started this business venture.

Naiyya Saggi grew up in Kolkata, Bengal, both her parents used to do government jobs. That is why there was always a discussion in her house about how to move ahead in life and do something that can improve one’s own life as well as benefit others. After completing school, Naiyya got a scholarship and went abroad to study at Harvard Business School. From where she completed her graduation in the year 2012.

Learned digital business method abroad

During her studies, she learned about digital business and understood very well that the field of digital business is going to be very big in the coming times. When she returned to India after completing her studies, she thought of starting her digital business here. She saw that women who become mothers for the first time have to face many problems. Especially in India, women need a special guidance even more at this time.

Understanding this need, Naiya Saggi started a digital platform named BabyChakra in the year 2014. Here women can get information to make their parenting journey easier. Women who are becoming mothers for the first time have to face many problems physically, mentally and emotionally. To solve these problems, women can talk directly to doctors and experts through BabyChakra. Apart from this, many blogs and content related to health are also present on this platform. Soon this platform turned into a successful business.

The journey from BabyChakra to Good Glamm Group

Naiya Saggi’s success was not limited to BabyChakra only. In 2021, My Glamm founder Darpan Sangi talked to Naiya and offered her to join his brand. After which Naiya decided to connect BabyChakra with My Glamm and combined the content, product and community of both the platforms together. The merger of the two led to the launch of “Good Glamm Group” in which Naiya Saggi became the founder. Within a year, this company became a unicorn company. Today Naiya Saggi’s name is counted among the most successful business women of India. Her success is an inspiration for many women today.


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